Career Resources for Job Opportunities and Salary Insights in the Animation / VFX industry

Between internships, freelance gigs and fulltime roles, I’ve been navigating the film industry for the better part of eight years now. Occasionally students and fresh graduates get in touch with me to gain some insights on how to break into the industry or getting to the next level. While I’m certainly no career coach, there are a few helpful resources online I usually point them to. Let me quickly introduce them to you.

Job Postings

Google Spreadsheet: VFX / Animation / Game Industry Job Postings

This is a classic. Managed by Chris Mayne and updated on a regular basis, this Google spreadsheet presents the latest job postings from the across the entertainment industry, in an easily searchable fashion. You can even subscribe to receive an email when new updates were posted. When I first joined the industry full time, this was a essential resource to stay on top of job opportunities.

Salary Insights

Google Spreadsheet: Industry Salaries

Recently, the Instagram account @SaltyAnimators has become quite popular among industry members. With over 44k followers at the time of writing, people come to the anonymous “Salty Queen” not just for their dorky Shrek memes, but also for the latest industry gossip, which followers submit anonymously. It’s a great way to become quickly disillusioned with the broken VFX business model and hearing directly from the boats on the ground, which studios are better avoided when looking for a new job.

However, Saltys greatest contribution to the industry so far, might be their salary spreadsheet. Containing a few thousand anonymous submissions, this spreadsheet gives are, unfiltered insight in what peers earn across the industry in all kinds of different roles. Looking up your country / seniority / role should help you decide, if it’s time to finally ask for that raise I’m sure you deserve!


While Reddit seems to be on track to follow Twitter on the path of a slow death through baffling mismanagement, there are still a few good industry subreddits to keep an eye on. The platform is a great place to ask questions and engage with veterans from across the industry.

Your suggestions

Do you have any other good resources you think I should add to this list? Shoot me an email! Just be aware that I won’t be adding any paid services to this list. No ads on here, sorry.