About Me

Hello there! I am Tim, a dedicated software engineer in the animation and visual effects industry. Over the years, I have gained extensive knowledge in the entire animation pipeline, from story development to CG production and editorial. I enjoy sharing my expertise with the wider open source community, that has formed around the Academy Software Foundation and prominent projects like Pixar’s USD and OpenTimelineIO.

During the week, I am privileged to work as a software engineer at Walt Disney Animation Studios, where I assist artists going their work as a member of the Studio Tools team. Currently I am working towards modernizing the studio’s editorial pipeline through the use of OpenTimelineIO. Previously, I have enjoyed working in the R&D departments of both Animal Logic and Image Engine, where I improved their asset management systems and pipeline tools.

Outside work, I love to travel, go on hikes, and engage in discussions about pop culture with like-minded individuals over a cold IPA. I am also a foodie and always on the lookout for the best ramen bar. Please feel free to share your recommendations for the ultimate bowl.1

  1. ChatGPT may have reworked this bio. 🥸