Tim Lehr

Tim Lehr

Technical Director | Pipeline Developer

Nuke: Environment Variables in Read / Write

In my job as a Pipeline TD I often resort to old school environment variables to make my life easier. Not only are they really easy to work with, they are also a commonly supported way of keeping file paths relative to a dynamically changeable directory. This is super helpful, as you will be able… Continue reading

Export all Maya render layers as ASS files using Python

You would think exporting all render layers in Maya to Arnold Scene Source (.ass) files could be done without much hassle. So did I. To be fair, any confusion over this matter is a result of Mayas new render setup introduced a few years ago. At the time of this writing, Arnold can only export… Continue reading

Python Scripting in DaVinci Resolve

Starting with DaVinci Resolve 15, Developer Blackmagic added new Scripting functionality to the popular Editing / Grading Suite. The Scripting API (Fusion Script) is implemented in a separate executable called fuscript, which supports two languages at the time of writing: Python 2.7 / 3 and Lua. The integration of Python is especially exciting for any… Continue reading