Tim Lehr

Tim Lehr

Technical Director | Pipeline Developer

Porg – Quill VR Pipeline Tool (2019)


Porg is a Scarif-based pipeline tool integrating Quill VR into a traditional CG pipeline. It was developed for the diploma movie Fussel, which has almost all of it’s assets completely created in Quill. Since Quill is still a bit lacking in some of the core filmmaking departments such as geometry instancing and animation blending, our custom tool is taking care of this. It has an artist friendly interface exposing only what’s needed, while running Houdini in the background to do the actual geometry processing.

I was the Lead Developer for this tool, taking care of all the pipeline integration and application development, while my fellow TD Juraj Tomori contributed a lot of the Houdini geometry processing setup. Porg is developed in Python, with it’s entire processing logic stored in a Houdini Digital Asset. It is bundled with a prebuilt version of USD, to make preview of the processed geometry via usdview easily possible.

In the upcoming weeks I will update this page with more in-depth details on the tool.

FMX 2019 Talk: Fussel – Quill VR in production