Tim Lehr

Tim Lehr

Technical Director | Pipeline Developer

Fussel (2019)

Fussel is a Filmakademie diploma animated short film (5min.) directed by Alex Berweck, with an innovative production pipeline centered around Quill VR as main asset creation tool. It follows the cute little monster Fussel on an adventurous journey to find out whats at the end of the mysterious red string. The short film is currently planned for festival distribution and is going online in 2020.

I was the Lead Technical Director for this project, responsible for both pipeline and rendering. To integrate Quill VR into our production we worked close together with the Quill team and developed a set of tools to bridge the gap between Quill and more traditional CG production tools like Maya (our lighting / animation tool of choice).

In the upcoming weeks I will update this page with more in-depth details on the production.

FMX 2019: Fussel – diploma project presentation