Tim Lehr

Tim Lehr

Technical Director | Pipeline Developer

Scarif – Pipeline Framework (2018)


Scarif is an asset pipeline framework for CG animation / VFX projects, as well as realtime productions using game engines. It was developed during our Technical Directing studies over the course of almost two years and has been in active use in two Filmakademie diploma productions: Fussel and Evangeline. More Filmakademie projects are lined up to adapt it soon.

Scarif is designed with ease-of-use in mind and includes a variety of user-friendly GUI tools for set-up and configuration of the asset pipeline. The modular framework design based on Python packaging allows for developers to easily extend Scarif beyond it’s current scope and integrate it in new third-party tools fast using our unified DCC API interface.

I was responsible for most of the software engineering / framework design and spent a lot of time developing the pipeline backend. I was also responsible for the integration into Maya, Nuke and Houdini, as well as guiding my co-developer Lukas Gotkowski throughout development.

We presented Scarif to the public on multiple occasions and are currently working towards an Open Source release for the end of June 2019. I will update this page with more in-depth information closer to release.

Key features

  • GUI-driven configuration
  • Modular architecture (Python package-based)
  • Cross-platform (Linux, Mac & Windows)
  • DCC Python API Wrapper
  • Asset dependency tracking (SQL database)

Team:  Tim Lehr (Lead Developer), Lukas Gotkowski

FMX 2019: Scarif – Open Source Pipeline Tools

TechTalks 2018 – Stuttgart: Scarif Pipeline Tools