Tim Lehr

Tim Lehr

Technical Director | Pipeline & Tool Development

Hyperdrive – Pose-based caching plugin for Maya (2018)

Hyperdrive for Autodesk Maya is a posed-based caching plugin, heavily inspired by the PBCS developed at Disney Animation Studios. The pose-based approach has several advantages compared to classic time-based vertex caches, as the caches are interchangeable between scenes and independent of changes in the timeline. The plugin’s main component is a DG node that takes care of detecting poses based on rig control values and storing the deformed character mesh in a memory / disk-cache. On the next pose hit, it will automatically retrieve the cached mesh and pass it downstream, while deactivating evaluation for all performance-heavy nodes. This results in vastly improved playback speeds, while still allowing the addition of in-shot deformers and simulations on top of the cache.

I currently have a working prototype and the plugin is scheduled to be finished and released by Q3 2018 as part of my Diploma R&D project at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. More details will be added to this page in the future.

Early Prototype Demo (February 2018)